The All New OxygenOS Features by OnePlus India.

    Hey There, India is one of the major markets for OnePlus. As we all know that the company recently launched the OnePlus TV and OnePlus 7T here. OnePlus has got good shades of shifting and balancing its color from an affordable flagship to a premium-tier smartphone brand.

The All New OxygenOS Features by OnePlus India.

This strategy has made it popular in the country. It is no big news to hear that OnePlus is ahead of both senior and powerful firms Samsung and Apple in the Indian premium smartphone segment.

Thus, it is pretty natural and clear that OnePlus is focusing on the Indian market. Now, Oneplus is introducing new features to the OxygenOS exclusively just for its users in India.

So, here are the all-new major features of OxygenOS that you should know. If we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!

1. Smart SMS

The company is introducing the ‘Smart SMS’ functionality to OxygenOS for an efficient and enhanced messaging experience. With the help of this feature, the system can automatically categorize all messages.

It can even perform quick actions like most common work to copy OTP codes or calling delivery executives or even track your delivery packages. This also includes tickets, bills, bank messages, and so on.

2. Work-Life Balance

We all are very busy with our works in livelihood and got no time to sort out the differences many times. This brought us to another feature by OnePlus ‘Work-Life Balance’ which will allow users to sort notifications between work and personal categories.

This is going to automate the notifications with the location of the users and many other factors so that the users’ are not tensed by work notifications while relaxing and enjoying their lives with family etc. and vice versa.

3. OnePlus Cricket Scores

We know that Cricket is one of the most popular and most loved sports in India and now OnePlus is introducing us to the ‘OnePlus Cricket Scores’ as well.

It will be very handy for cricket nerds to keep up with all the scores, major tournaments, and matches with real-time updates. Moreover, Oneplus gave the users to customize the settings with their own favorite teams and to access all the info from the OnePlus Shelf itself which is pretty awesome and is easy to use.

4. OnePlus Gallery

Oneplus is also bringing out an update ‘OnePlus Gallery’ which is now able to sort images you capture into smart albums based on automated face recognition, their locations, timestamp, and more. What is the best factor in this gallery update is the internet is not needed for sorting the images all of the work is done by internal code.

5. OnePlus Roaming

There is also another feature named ‘OnePlus Roaming’, which is an international and SIM-free data service that may save us the cost of recharge by a bit.

6. Storage Update

WhatsApp has become much intelligent these days. It has got many interesting and useful features for listening to voice messages.

If you want to listen to that weird, crappy, and useless voice message sent by your friend privately, just put your mobile phone up against your ear, WhatsApp will detect your ear and play the voice directly from the phone's earpiece instead of the speaker.


OnePlus is actually close-mouthed about the release date of the update and hasn’t yet disclosed when these features would be out. However, most of the users are expecting them to be out pretty soon with the upcoming OxygenOS 10 in the coming months.

What do you think about this update and the features coming out with it,, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all about some latest features of OxygenOS that you should know. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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