Visit Skyscrapers With Skyscrapers AR.

    Hey There, We all love Skyscrapers and love to visit those places desperately. How about viewing the beauty right from your place with AR? In this article, we will see how to visit skyscrapers with skyscrapers AR.

Visit Skyscrapers With Skyscrapers AR.

So, If you want to reach to view the Skyscrapers with AR, here is the cool and useful app that lets you do it very easily. We have also featured this app on Apps from Techniverse of March 2020.

You can download the Skyscrapers AR app directly from here via Google Play Store.

Skyscrapers AR is a new form of augmented reality application that offers users to stay close to the famous skyscrapers of the world. We can walk around the building and view it in detail from all sides, figuring out the features of the architectural creation.

Visit Skyscrapers With Skyscrapers AR.

With this app, you can test the AR capabilities of your mobile. To use this App first we have to take printouts of the images we have in the help section of the app or you can click here to download the images.

But we can also use this by opening the image on another device and then with this App we can find the 3D model of the particular image you have opened on your other device. You can see the model more clearly as you zoom into the image axis.

Visit Skyscrapers With Skyscrapers AR.

If you want to look at some famous skyscrapers with AR in detail, then this is the app you have to check out.

Here is the video on Apps from Techniverse [March 2020] featuring the Skyscrapers AR app mentioned above on our own YouTube channel. Do watch it to know more information about this app.


Overall, We think it will be pretty much a useful app for almost all of us. If you know any other best alternatives for this app, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all to visit some famous skyscrapers with AR. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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