Basic Front-End Technologies To know for Beginners.

    Hey There, Do you know that web development is currently one of the most flexible and coolest jobs in the industry? As a web developer, you need to know some about Front-end and Back-end development.
  • Front-end - User side like UI/UX.
  • Back-end - Server-side like maintaining and running data.

If you are a beginner in Web Development and want to learn some beast basic Front-end Technologies, Stay tuned! In this article, we will see the basic front-end technologies to know for beginners.

Basic Front-End Technologies To know for Beginners.

So, Here is the list of technologies we need to learn to become front-end developers. If we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!


HyperText Markup Language abbreviated as HTML is the mark-up language that is used to put things on a website like data, forms, images, videos, etc. It is used to frame the website so that users can interact with it. It has to be the basic and first technology that a front-end developer should learn. Currently, modern HTML is HTML5 that has lots and lots of features in it.

Some best sources to learn HTML.

You can use whatever resource you like but make sure you learn the updated versions.

2. CSS

Cascading Style Sheet as CSS is like adding flavor or makeup to use HTML written site. It is used to style the website in order to make our website more interactive to the users so that we can generate more traffic on that. The beauty of CSS is making our website beautiful to our visitors. We can create animations, box models, transitions, effects, and many more attractive features for our website. Its latest version is CSS3.

Some best sources to learn CSS.

3. JavaScript

So far we've put something on our website with HTML and styled it beautifully with CSS but on keen observation, we can find that our website is not working. Yeah, to make our website work or run online we need to have a programming language that is JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the top 5 popular programming languages currently, used in both front and back end development of a web app or website. Whatever the website or web app we use internally runs JavaScript to make it work.

JavaScript is really easy to learn because of its syntax and structure. But mastering this requires a good knowledge of DOM (Document Object Model) which is used to work on components of a site.

Some best sources to learn CSS.

Up to here, we've completed knowing about the three basic technologies to learn front-end development. Let's see some of the Frameworks and Libraries of those which saves our time on working with those.

4. Bootstrap

It is one of the popular front-end frameworks build by employees at Twitter to make developing websites more easily. It contains CSS and JavaScript-based templates which we can directly use on our websites. Those pre-build templates like forms, grids, nav-bars, buttons, and many more make our styling part more efficient and time-saving process so that we can concentrate on the programming part of our website or web app.

You can learn more about Bootstrap here.

5. React (Any Framework)

React, originally developed and maintained by Facebook in 2013, is an open-source, declarative, component-based, and learn once, write anywhere JavaScript library for building large data-driven web applications. Besides being open source and lightweight, React features speed, simplicity, and scalability.

Today, React has become one of the most in-demand Web development frameworks. Currently, there are 43,436 React jobs available on The average salary for a React Developer and a Full Stack Developer is $85k and $110k per year respectively.

I recommend you to use udemy for any react course.

But there are other alternatives for react like angular.js, vue.js, and many more. Learning anyone's framework would be ok to develop applications with JavaScript because there would be a lot of similarities among them.


Overall, With those technologies which we've seen so far mentioned above, you can have good knowledge of Front-end web development but only with vigorous and intense practice.

If you know any other important Front-end web technologies that a beginner Web Developer should learn, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all about some basic front-end technologies to know for beginners. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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