Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

    Hey There, The Phrase "I’m not a robot" is so annoying to prove that you’re a human after all. If you fail to solve the captcha it would be a shame to lead your lives with a 'spambot' tag on your head.

Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

By the time you select all the cars, traffic lights, crosswalks, and shopfronts, you may forget the original search topic and it may result in wastage of time.

So, If you want to know how to bypass the ReCaptcha on the web sessions automatically, here is the working hack or trick that lets you do it. If we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!

The extension 'Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans', is a lifesaver and does a pretty good job in bypassing ReCaptcha with audio challenges. It is available for Chrome, Opera, and even on Firefox Browsers.

You can get Chrome extension directly from here.

You can get Opera extension directly from here.

You can get Mozilla extension directly from here.

Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

Required permissions

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit: required for accessing challenges.
  • Communicate with cooperating native applications: needed for interacting with the client app when user input simulation is enabled.
  • Display notifications: used for displaying error messages.
  • Read your browsing history: needed for resetting challenges.
All the permissions are given automatically by default to the extension by the browser once you add the extension.


As soon as the user encounters a visual challenge, the extension icon gets activated.

Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

Proceed with the audio challenge. Here what the bot does is Instead of your human ear, the bot solves it for you.

Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

The accuracy is not 100 percent, but if you’re only going to encounter the Google ReCAPTCHA a few times a day, this will work like magic.

However, occasionally it will pop the “your computer may be sending automated queries” message. Solving more than a couple of reCAPTCHA challenges a day may lead to a temporary block regardless of using the extension. You will find yourself blocked out of audio captchas for a while when you get this message.

Auto Solve ReCaptcha With This Method for Free.

Here is the video explaining the method to Auto solve ReCaptcha with the method mentioned above on our own YouTube channel. Do watch it to know more information about the process.


Overall, This tool comes in very handy in saving us from solving the ReCaptcha we often come along during the web sessions. We hope it makes your browsing speed a bit faster.

If you know any other similar tools or tricks that let you do the same, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all about solving ReCaptcha challenges automatially. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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