Install Windows 11 on Any Pc With a Pendrive (Detailed Guide)

    Hey There, In this article, how to install the all-new Windows 11 right on your PC in the simplest way possible.

Install Windows 11 on Any PC.

Back in the day, Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 would be the ultimate final windows operation system, and all the updates will be given to the same. They then wanted to bring out a competition for the Chrome OS, and to keep up the word they announced the name as Windows 10x.

Later the same got canceled and some of the features and its resources are to be shifted to Windows 10.
But to keep up the hype, they are about to release the same with the name Windows 11.

So Basically, Windows 11 is just a combination of Windows 10x features on an upgraded Windows 10.
Anyways, if we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!


The required items to install Windows 11 are,
  • A Pendrive with at least 8 GB storage
  • The iso file of Windows 11.
  • A Bootable Pendrive creator, which in this case is Power ISO.
You can download the Windows 11 iso file from GDrive 01 / GDrive 02 / Mega 01 / Mega 02

You can download the Power ISO setup from here.


Once you download the ISO file, make sure you check the details of the downloaded file by verifying the file extension to be .ISO and the file size to be 4.53 GB. Make sure you have the same file and not a corrupted one or a virus.

Download the setup file and double click on the setup and complete the installation by hitting next a couple of times.

Once done, you would be seeing a shortcut for the same on your desktop, if for some reason you don’t, just search Power ISO in the search bar and run the program ‘as administrator’.

You would be getting this prompt to wait for a couple of seconds and click on ‘Continue trail version’.

Click on the ‘Tools’ option in the menu and select the ‘Create bootable USB drive’ option.

Now click on the browse icon.

Select the Windows 11 image ISO file.

Now, plug in the empty Pendrive to your PC, and make sure you have selected the correct device over here, as it would do a format during the process.

Once selected everything, click on the ‘Start’ button and let the process complete.

Then you will be getting a warning box mentioned data on the Pendrive would be overridden, Click ‘Ok’.

After it gets finished you would be seeing this dialogue box, click ‘Ok’.

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