Top 5 Best Android Games - October 2020

    Hey There, In this article, we will see the Top 5 best games for Android for the month of October 2020. We have handpicked these games after trying lots of new games every month on the basis of addictiveness, uniqueness, and challenges provided.

Top 5 Best Android Games - October 2020

So, if you want to kick-start the month of October with a bang, here are some new Android games that you must get. Like every other episode on Games from Techniverse, this month's list also has games spread across various categories. If we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!

1. Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die. It is an action shooting game where we are an agent named Jack whose mission is to take out all the cookies. It is a simple platform shooter game with cool action involved.

The story of the game is pretty simple. The cookie-making machine malfunctions and creates evil mutant cookies and our superhero Jack comes to the rescue.

You can download and read more about Cookies Must Die game here.

2. Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is an open-world snowboarding & skiing adventure where we have to explore the mountains.

The game is primarily based on simple mechanics with incredible physics. It got a lot to discover and pick up along the journey in the mountains. It is not just a casual skiing game. you could do different tricks and combos in addition.

You can download and read more about Grand Mountain Adventure game here.

3. Tricky Castle

Tricky castle is an escape room game that will test out your ability to solve puzzles. We have to escape from the castle by solving mysterious puzzles to rescue the Princess trapped by the villain.

It got about 120 unique levels packed with escape puzzles and we have to find unusual ways to escape the room. We have to pass hundreds of doors along the way to save the princess. The light humor involved in the game will surely make you smile.

You can download and read more about Tricky Castle game here.

4. Dungeon Ball

Dungeon Ball is a balancing ball game with awesome graphics being under 100Mb. You have to control a glowing ball with eight energy sensors activated on it to collect the magic sources from the chests.

It is a good adventure game with so many checkpoints to keep you hooked to the game. We have to solve the puzzle thrown and pass the traps and obstacles along the way. It has got a distinct level of problems to solve as you progress.

You can download and read more about Dungeon Ball game here.

5. Food Gang

Food Gang is a fast and fun shooting game. Here we get to choose from 14 different food characters. We have to collect stars along the way to claim rewards and unlock unique skills.

You can collect skins and get to battle with real-time players. The gameplay is good, the characters look cute and the artwork is beautiful. This is a straightforward game that features only a 2v2 battle mode that is pretty much fun to play. 

You can download and read more about Food Gang game here.

Here is the video on Games from Techniverse [October 2020] featuring the games mentioned above on our own YouTube channel. Do watch it to know more information about these games.


Overall, We think these will be pretty much some cool and time-killing games for almost all of us. If we missed any of the best Android games, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all about the Top games for October 2020. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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