Top 5 Best Android Games - January 2022

    Hey There, In this article, we will see the Top 5 best games for Android for the month of January 2022. We have handpicked these games after trying lots of new games every month on the basis of addictiveness, uniqueness, and challenges provided.

Top 5 Best Android Games - January 2022

So, if you want to kick-start the month of January with a bang, here are some new Android games that you must get. Like every other episode on Games from Techniverse, this month's list also has games spread across various categories. If we are done wasting time.

Let's just keep all the things aside and Let the tech begin!

1. Tallest Tree

Tallest Tree is a 2D jumping arcade game where we get to play as a beaver. Here we have to help the little beaver climb the tree.

The graphics are very beautiful and here we only get to tap on the screen to control the beaver. Tapping the screen makes the character jump in a direction, and when we tap the next time it jumps again in another direction.

You can download and read more about Tallest Tree game here.

2. Downhill Smash

Downhill Smash is an amazing game, where we are inside a crushing ball and have to destroy everything on our way.

We have to tap and hold the screen to roll the crushing ball. We get some power-ups along the way, that lets us shoot bullets and missiles to blast everything up.

You can download and read more about Downhill Smash game here.

3. Snakebird

Snakebird is a unique challenging puzzle game. This game is kind of like the iconic snake game, but here we are a bird and have to eat all the food along to grow while dodging the obstacles to reach the finish portal.

Every puzzle is tough and mind-boggling, challenging your brain to use its maximum potential. The UI is pretty clean and the music is relaxing.

You can download and read more about Snakebird game here.

4. Undead Squad

Undead Squad is an endless runner arcade game, where we are an undercover agent and have to kill all the zombies along the way.

Our character automatically shoots the bullets when zombies are nearby. We just have to tap and hold to run, swipe up to jump in any direction, and swipe down to dodge the zombie bullets.

You can download and read more about Undead Squad game here.

5. Yeah Bunny 2

Yeah Bunny 2 is an amazing platformer game, where we are a cute bunny that wants to explore the lands. The bunny automatically runs, we just have to tap to jump. We can collect carrots and coins along the way and jump on the enemies to crush them as in the Super Mario.

Our bunny changes its direction whenever he gets to a wall. We have to use this to our advantage and complete the levels by climbing the walls and reaching the finish pole.

You can download and read more about Yeah Bunny 2 game here.

Here is the video on Games from Techniverse [January 2022] featuring the games mentioned above on our own YouTube channel. Do watch it to know more information about these games.


Overall, We think these will be pretty much some cool and time-killing games for almost all of us. If we missed any of the best Android games, tell us about them in the comments below!

So, That was all about the Top games for January 2022. Keep supporting Techniverse Spotted for more cool and interesting stuff.

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